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Party at GOLEM 2006

Versione del 21 set 2015 alle 16:49 di Giomba (discussione | contributi) (Fixed Link)

GOLEM decided to promote a party with all the lugs of Tuscany,so we could talk about open source and eat good pizza of course :)!!!

Tavolata.JPG WE WERE 46!!!

Trio.JPG fabio,giacomo the president (even if no one think so ^^ ) and andrea

Trio2.JPG andrea (for the second time!!), tommaso and Francesco

Quartetto.JPG members of golem:from left to right:Lorenzo,Gabriele,Alfredo and Dario

Masasede.JPG and after pizza all together to our Officina Informatica

Tessere.JPG dario compiles a membership card of GOLEM....

Massa2.JPG what a caos :0

Massa3.JPG what a caos 2 :O :O

Massa4.JPG what a caos 3 :O :O :O

Brainstorming.JPG All togheter for a deep brainstorming

Installazione.JPG All togheter installing linux!!!

Lug.JPG....ma quant'è bello spippolare....(I can't traslate it but I try: We love hacking)

Romani.JPG ....ma quant'è bello spippolare 2....(I can't traslate it but I try: We love hacking2)